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Deploy applications across devices
right after the design completion.

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Integrate quickly and configure easily with the help of Pre-built connectors and APIs

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Build apps that work seamlessly on any device, with no added hours, effort or resources.

Boost your Customer’s Experience with Personalisation.



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Automate every process with a
drag-and-drop model.


Build task forms and dashboards quickly with easy-to-use interfaces


Track, analyse and adapt to any demand that comes your way.


Deploy and scale as and when the
need arises.

Save Time, Money and Resources.

Build apps faster than ever, on a single platform with no technical skills.

By 2024, low-code app development will account for over 65% of app development activity.

Source: Gartner Research

HelathID creation for self and family

Assisted HealthID creation for patients by the Help-Desk team

Verify the HealthID of the patient

Create care context for the patient and link it with HealthID

HIU Consent Flows

View Consented Health Records


Remote condition monitoring and Collaborative alerts to Family members/caretaker from Wearable Devices

COVID vaccination registration and tracking

Automate Processes to Enable Rapid Delivery

Integrate with existing systems & Publish without redeployment

Capture Photographs, Biometrics, Scan barcode and QR code

Transfer data even in offline mode without depending on the internet

Plugin AI models with your apps

Propagate data to the target/end system
in a jiffy

Add extended devices and external authentication system with plugins


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