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AppSteer for Human Resources.


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Why AppSteer?

AppSteer is the employee management system that tracks your talent pipeline and engages employees.

AppSteer makes data collection affordable.

For your HR Team’s Needs

Recruitment pipeline

Onboarding process

Employee wellbeing

Leave requests

No Code, Quicker Turnaround

AppSteer’s platform empowers human resource teams to omit the traditional procedures of code using data connectors and intuitive UI/UX interface changes. Industries from construction to health are consistently using AppSteer to fasten the development process and free up limited IT resources.

Manage employee development

AppSteer gives greater visibility into employees’ day-to-day performance to track progress from day one. Interact confidentially on the platform with managers.

Attract and engage with top talent

Focus on engaging top talent creatively rather than on the grunt work that slows you down. AppSteer makes it easy to stay in the minds of potential candidates with automated reminders.


Gain valuable insights

Visualised data with different View options from Calendar to Map.


Turn on autopilot

Automate repetitive tasks and have more time for the work that motivates you.


Have a broader perspective

Get a high-level overview at a glance and make smarter decisions, faster.

One central workspace
for your HR teams

Manage and optimise your recruiting processes

Streamline internal planning and coordination with recruiters. Easily track candidates with a record of each stage.

Get new hires faster

Make onboarding employees a smooth process. Adapt a template to your company’s onboarding process and easily make adjustments as your process evolves.

Motivate and retain employees with engaging activities

Boost overall morale with engaging activities that keep employees happy. Create a yearly plan for and gather feedback for each activity.

Get leave requests approved quickly and easily

Make it easy for employees to submit their leave requests and receive a notification on approval. If a request is pending longer than expected, managers will receive reminders.

Versatile employee management system 

Everyone in the enterprise creates apps. Business users solve long neglected problems while IT focuses on mission-critical projects.

Create apps in weeks with less cost. Project backlogs and costs are reduced while productivity increases.

Deliver, manage and secure app creation. Accelerate application development but safeguard enterprise management and control.

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