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AppSteer for Sales.


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Why AppSteer?

The integrated Sales and CRM solution that automates, simplifies and boosts visibility. See everything at a glance and make better decisions with a centralized platform that adapts to your needs.

AppSteer makes data collection seamless.

Designed to fit your needs

Whether you’re tracking leads, managing sales pipelines, or onboarding customers, AppSteer is fully customizable for your team to get started instantly.

See where all deals stand at a glance

Instantly visualize your entire sales process with intuitive dashboards your team will love.


Stay connected on-the-go

Oversee your deal flow efficiently and increase response times. Take your office with you and work anytime, anywhere, with offline mode.


Automate your workflows

Skip repetitive tasks with robust automation capabilities. Set-up notification alerts and reminders so you’re always up to speed.


One-click CRM integrations

No more jumping between 10 different tools. Sync your data into one central hub by connecting AppSteer with the tools you already use.

Get started in minutes 

Manage your entire sales pipeline in one central place for greater clarity, visibility, and maximum efficiency.

Store your contacts and tasks in one central place with automated reminders, valuable insights, and optimized workflows.

Easily manage all incoming and existing contacts by customer type, priority, contact details, and more.

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